Guardian of the Stone

Among the mist of myth and legend lies a history more fascinating than the heroes that built it, the battles that plagued it, and the secrets it left behind.

Edeline Depuis is no longer safe in her 14th-century world. In a move to protect the young daughter of a great warrior in the Knights Templar, she is transported through time from her childhood home in medieval France to 21st century Los Angeles. She grows up unaware of her history, completely oblivious to the enormous destiny that awaits her. 

But there are those who know how special Edeline truly is. Some silently surround and protect her, while others only selfishly covet her power. It is the latter that has captured her and taken her back to the past, determined to exploit her mysterious abilities for untold fortune. 

Dane Walker has been sent back in time to rescue her and bring her home. As much a prisoner to this soldier who professes to help her as she is to the strange world she doesn’t understand, Edeline lets down her guard and begins to trust him.

Hunted across a mystic land, trust leads to passion and romance. They fall in love, but Dane is tortured by a secret bound to tear them apart.

By taking her home, he is destined to lose her.

AVAILABLE IN: Paper Back, eBook
CATEGORIES: Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Historical Romance

Guardian of the Stone cover
Guardian of the Stone

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“The story is gripping and I loved the history of the Knight Templar in this time travel.”

Amazon reviewer

“…I’m drawn to time travel stories and this one pulled me in from the start. Exciting, clever, well-written. I didn’t want it to end.”