Grace and the Cowboy

Love isn’t about finding someone who’ll fit your dreams. Love is about finding someone who’ll help you build them.

Grace Wade, business diploma in hand, is back home to pay a debt. Unfortunately, this means also having to deal with the demons from her past, particularly one handsome devil who has always taken great pleasure in watching her fail.

Tried and true cowboy Mac Palmer has waited four long years to set the record straight. He was neither responsible for his brother’s betrayal of Grace nor for the dissolution of their engagement. There’s just one complication, the headstrong woman is as unwilling to admit the facts today as she was back then.

A flirt, a dare, and a stubborn cowboy—Grace should have known Mac would never back down, but why does she care? Could it be she’s actually falling for the impossible man…again?

AVAILABLE IN: eBook, Paperback, Audiobook
Western Romance, Contemporary Romance

Grace and the Cowboy cover
Grace and the Cowboy

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“What I took away from this fabulous story – no matter how imperfect you think you are, you are perfect for someone.”

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