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He was everything she was afraid of. She was everything he tried to avoid.

In a fit of fury, Aubrae Palmer, reporter for the Portland Exclusive, adds Colton McGregor, a man she believes to be a sexist business tycoon, to her Corporate Giants, Masters of Fortune piece, a once-monthly column fast becoming the city’s “it list” of powerful scoundrels. Once she calms down, she realizes it’s a mistake and deletes his name and his alleged deeds from the article. But what good conscience wouldn’t allow her to do, fate has put in motion.

Colton McGregor is furious. The woman has cost him a deal very close to his heart—Landon and Sons’ Vineyards. After reading Miss Palmer’s article, Mrs. Landon has decided not to sell. Colton would love to wring the reporter’s lovely neck, but it turns out she could actually be of some use. Mrs. Landon’s nephew is convinced if Colton can prove himself something other than an uncaring playboy, Mrs. Landon might reconsider. He needs two things—a retraction of the article and a fiancée. It just so happens, Miss Palmer can supply him with both.

Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

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Hard Copy

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“I bought this book to take on vacation to pass the time during our flights, and I found myself grabbing a few minutes as often as I could to continue reading.”

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“Engaging and difficult to stop reading. Well written.”