Rule Your Curls

Some women are written love sonnets. Not I, but I was once handed a poem about my hair. Here’s a bite.

It’s Brown, it’s black, it’s frizzy, it’s free

Never going where it’s supposed to be

It can’t be cut, burned, bleached, or stained

Even when put in a galvanized-steel can, it cannot be retained

When she walks down the street, the people all stare

At the girl with the incredibly frizzy brown hair

Ah…the raw honesty of youth.

If I have a signature feature, it’s not because anything is so remarkable, but more because it’s most remarked on. There is a list. My hair may not win by a landslide, but it is the feature that’s taken the most hits—wolf woman, fuzz top, poodle head. The list is long and unflattering. Then of course there’s the occasional, “Yikes!”

Sound like a curse? I’ve called it such several times throughout my life. But in truth, once you learn to control it, it has its benefits. Styling tends to last longer, versatility is high, your hair looks thick even when it’s not.

What a deal!

Sure…well…maybe. Styling takes control. Therefore, you must first RULE THE CURL.

Is that possible?

Today, thanks to science and modern technology, it actually is. But there is a catch. Not everyone with curly hair has the same issues. The curls come in many forms—loose, tight, wavy, spiral, tame, frizzy, kinky, dry, soft, thin, thick, etc. Each type has its own issues and requires its own special treatment. Then there’s humidity—a beast which can throw havoc at any well-done do.

I got the cream of the unwanted crop—tight, frizzy, kinky, fine, dry strands. If this sounds like you, here are some products I’ve found that help.


Revlon’s One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush. I literally carry around a picture of this product on my phone to share with others. I love to share the wealth, and this baby has been a goldmine. It’s one product that, for me, has delivered exactly what it promised—shiny, straight, in my personal opinion—better than blowout results. The icing on top? It’s fast and easy. It’s cut my drying time down from 20 minutes to 5 (maybe less). And the results are far better! I used to have to dry and then straighten (another 20 minutes). Now, it’s all done in this one easy step. It has, in deed, been a life changer.


The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell. This is a product I found years ago and have used ever since. I wish I would have had it my whole life. It’s frontline defense against dry, coarse frizz. The few times I’ve had to go without it, I’ve really seen the difference.  It’s a smoothing hit!


Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Oil Treatment. A recent find for me and a solid win. At a quarter of the price, it delivers better than the expensive brand I was using prior. With Aragon Oil from Morocco, it does exactly what it says. It controls my frizz and leaves my hair sleek without any oily residue. Love this product!

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